How Edutainment Can Be a Mind-Opener for Kids

Sharing knowledge is the basic purpose of education. This matters more when we are teaching kids. Education can include activities to corral their aesthetic senses with a happy way of conduct. Help them grow up as good citizens. Now-a-days people are forgetting the real purpose of education. It is being more career centric. This is where the strategy of edutainment becomes very important. It acts as a mind opener for kids to understand the purpose of education to get the benefits that come their way. Edutainment aims at learning through novel methods like play role and stimulations. With kids becoming increasingly attractedtowards media and its forms, edutainment will be an integral part of education infuture time. Role-play through education provides aperfect bridge between conventional and unconventionallearning.
Let us discuss the impact of edutainment for every child’s better learning experience.

Learning by Interaction Traditional classrooms may create boredom in kids. This gradually generates an unwanted pressure with negative attitude towards learning. Edutainment makes it more interactive with videos, games, storytelling etc. Kids love playing games. By various engaging interactive activities learning not only captivates but also excites them.

Strong Learning Skills Children when smaller, have a higher grasping power than the older ones. They memorize and learn things more easily and impressively as compared with the conventional teaching methods. These interactive learning sessions help kids to remember things for the long term rather than just learning by rote or memorization for clearing exams. This novel approach makes a game or video watching a part of homework or assignments. Thisin turn helps them to understand the conceptin a betterway.

Digital Learning The concept of edutainment is not new but this approach has prospered well with the influence of today’s digital era. The use of technology has made the approach popular and widespread in a short period of time. It is widely used by both parents and teachers for educatingchildren. There are many educational apps that makes learningmore interactive andfun filled. Kids are appropriately using these apps to learn the basics of alphabets, letters, numerics, shapes, colours, plants, animals, flowers etc. in a playful manner. The portable gadgets make it possible for kids to learn from anywhere. It also creates for them an interesting outside the classroom learningexperience.

Real Life Exposure This method of learning focusses on taking the kids out of the classroom to give them the opportunity to get a real-life exposure. Studying with nature makes them closer to their environment. This expediential method helps them to learn by interacting with their surroundings. Exploring their environment is key to a kid’s superior learning. This is why teachers not only keep them occupied with gadgets but also give them a chance to interact with nature regularly. Studying with nature will help them understand their environment as well as to care when they interact with their surroundings. This can be cultural programs, outdoor games, etc. At the same time teach them the hidden meaning as well as the purpose of education.