Online Pre-school is the best option for your child!

Vijay, a usual 3-year-old did not seem very happy going to pre-school every day. His mother found it very difficult to wake him up every morning and take him to school.

One day, the unimaginable happened- a pandemic engulfed the world and pre-schools were the first to shut down. The physical school was replaced with online classes. Vijay, the lazy little boy was more than happy to attend online school. All his fears were dealt with and he enjoyed animated videos and sessions from the comfort of his home.

Vijay’s story is not the only one. Many children have benefitted much more from online pre-school rather than physical pre-school. There are numerous reasons why your child should opt for online pre-school.

  • Stress- Many countries start formal education only after the age of 6. Sending a 3-year-old to formal pre-school increases the stress levels among tiny tods and suppresses their growth hormones. Many children develop emotional problems and anxiety. Separation anxiety at this age is not at all beneficial. Online pre-school attended at home will allow your child to learn and grow in a comfortable environment without any stress.
  • Pace & flexibility- Every child is unique and pre-school children are at a tender development stage. Pre-schools with a high number of students in each class simply aim at finishing the curriculum rather than harnessing their inabilities and dealing with their shortcomings. While online sessions enable parents/guardians to monitor their child’s progress and observe their shortcomings. Online classes have few children and teachers can spare time to help each child in their area of requirements.
  • Lesser fees, better quality- Since online classes don’t have to bear the cost of rent, transportation, and other infrastructural requirements- the cost decreases. Good quality online pre-schools like Purple Turtle Online Pre-School have researched, tested, and developed curriculums, experienced teachers, animated videos, and learning aids that provide quality online education.
  • Accessibility- For those living in places where they can not find a good pre-school, a quality online pre-school is accessible from any part of the country. Therefore, rather than compromising on the quality of your child’s early years of learning is better to opt for a good online pre-school.
  • Better support system- At pre-school age, nobody understands a child better than the own parents/family. A 3- or 5-year-old can’t express their problems like pain in the stomach, uncomfortableness, or incomplete sleep at night. Parents are the only ones who can identify these problems easily. With online preschool, parents can sort their children’s discomforts and ensure that quality learning happens. Therefore learning becomes a collective process with both parents' and teachers’ involvement.

A pre-school child will learn better at home, where he/she is surrounded with familiar faces, feels emotionally secure, and doesn’t have to deal with fear at such a young age.

We generally don’t take a child’s fears seriously and bundle them up to school. But if you see no progress and development in yourchild it's most probably separation fear and anxiety that disables a pre-school child from learning. This fear can cause a major hindrance to your child's academic and physical growth. It can slow the progress of your child in higher classes.

Choose a quality online pre-school and watch your child bloom into a happy and intelligent child right in front of your eyes.