Edutainment and Its Benefits

Edutainment (Education with Entertainment) is the best way of presenting education in an entertaining style. Teaching youngsters is more challenging in comparison to older students. Their way of interpreting things and understanding them should be moulded and included from their initial classes. It is important to develop interest to learn among kids.

Learning by education and entertainment not only makes learning pleasurable for them but also helps them to grow up as better individuals. With the advent of the edutainment and e-Learning, kids are offered a new style of learning that is more flexible and interactive to learn in a better way that tend teachers to motivate them.

Benefits of Edutainment

  1. Engaged Learning This approach helps teachers to engage the students throughout the learning process. To take a small period of edutainment is more productive rather than to take long hour classes. The homework sessions would be really exciting for kids by watching videos and fun games. It is good that children can build their skill at early age, however kids are more prone to committing errors. So parents and teachers should take necessary actions and timely assistance to guide and help them to choose the right videos and
  1. Freedom of Learning Learning through play and fun gives them the freedom to enjoy the learning session. Self-directed play gives the child the best learning time for pre-school, to study and grow up cognitively, physically, emotionally and
  1. To Explore Real World Kids love to explore their own Their play time is more of exploring and understanding their world around. This is why learning with entertainment satisfies their basic interests.
  1. Gamification It is helpful in boosting their thinking capability. It also helps in stimulating their intellect. With gamification they boost their thinking capability, problem solving and competitive mind set. Edutainment give kids the best of both learning and entertainment worlds and they can go through an amazing experience. Rather than boring classrooms kids give more favourable response to online videos and gaming content. There are various special apps which include games related with puzzles, counting, rhymes and stories. With these ways kids learn about different subjects. They are greatly influenced by the games they play. The elements such as images, sounds and animations can easily target kid’s senses and gains their dedicated interest for learning.
  1. Portable Learning The role of internet makes learning easier when children can learn from anywhere regardless of being limited to classroom sessions.  Parents can make efforts to utilize the possibilities of edutainment in their free time at home or outdoors. There are various web series for kids, apps and novels, stories which help them improve their socials kills.

Now-a-days education is full of experiments to make the learning process more effective and productive. The idea of edutainment is not that new and is being experimented by many since past decades. This strategy is getting a widespread popularity and acceptance now. Edutainment will help children to learn new things while using the fun element.