General Knowledge Is Exciting

Today children often are overusing mobile phones as well as watching too much television. They are constantly watching cartoons or playing games. General knowledge is not a very tough subject. It is good to start at an early age. Preschool is a place where children learn more about themselves and their environment. They learn general knowledge easily by various fun activities in school. As brain development happens at a fast rate – teachers should introduce the fun of facts that comprise general knowledge by referring to various activities to pique the children’s interest.

There are few ways by which you can make general knowledge exciting for kids.

  1. Use puzzle/alphabet games Use puzzle games and teach like A is for Air, Africa, Aeroplane, Ant; B is for Bat, Ball and Basketball etc. Use context to introduce words that children connect easily, it is an efficient way to learn new words rather than to wait for child to grow up and know of more words.
  2. Through play Every week conduct a playful quizzes that will help kids to learn by playing activities, educate the child more about the word and describe a brief so that children remember the lessons, children become creative and improves their problem-solving skills i.e. when children play with stack up blocks, they learn about numbers, colours and shapes, and when they play with friends, their people skills are developed easily.
  3. Teach with Nature Teaching with nature is a brilliant way to teach children as they can connect with nearby surroundings, take child to visit garden to provide details about leaves, plants and trees and tell them how leaves change colour according to season, fruits, flowers etc. Even though they will not remember all these but they will certainly understand, and that is what important for kids to understand.
  4. Label Things If you want your child to learn basic things in house or about various things then make various labels and thing to it, Labelling lets children know that everything has a set of common symbols to be written down and identified.
  5. Newspaper While your toddler is too young to read newspapers, tell them about the news and by pictures that tell daily happenings in a manner that is easy for them to understand. Build the habit of reading newspapers. As they grow they will begin to read newspaper by themselves.

General knowledge is not just about current affairs; it is the awareness of our environment and nearby surroundings. Preschoolers, more than any other age group, are curious about the world around them. Schools, teachers, curriculum designers should keep this in mind while thinking about what and how to teach them. All these orientations give children the best of all methods to learn, explore and enjoy all the spheres of preschool learning.