Raising a generation that can read well

(Alarming statistics show a massive drop in children’s reading abilities) The very basics of learning depend on one’s ability to read. An individual who is good at reading can learn and understand a lot more on their own throughout life. The perspective of life and growth islargely shaped through reading. It is best to start early and learn the art of reading well. But the future of the current generation seems bleak after the findings of a recent survey conducted by the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) indicates that the reading ability of children in India has gone back to the 2012 days. A study conducted in Madhya Pradesh reveals that more than one in two kids in rural Madhya Pradesh can’t read well. Some children can’t even read a single letter. The foundation of good reading needs to be set during pre-primary and primary schooling years. Children in these classes have shown alarming signs of total neglect. The inability to read well can lead to various consequences that can affect the overall growth and education rates of the country. When the academic performance of the future generation drops below the average rate it is inevitably going to slow down the economic rate since we are in the process of producing inefficient professionals. Don’t take reading in preschoolor primary sectionslightly. Its direct connection goes all the way to international competitiveness. Superior skills in higher academic years and work place are directly linked to good reading. Given the current scenario, Purple Turtle’s Graded Readers and Talking pen along with its books and online learning videos are a bridge between the desirable future and the current situation highlighted by the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER). Purple Turtle over the years has minutely developed its products intending to boost the reading abilities of our current generation. The Graded Readers are developed according to ATOS and LEXILE mythology. It is best to introduce reading the English Language through Graded Readers because it steadily increases the frequency and level of vocabulary used and sentence formations. https://bit.ly/3HWTxB9 The “Talking Pen” encourages self-reading by repeating the correct pronunciation. A simple technology wherein when you roll the pen above the letters the words are read out aloud. https://bit.ly/3HWTxB9 The Talking Pen is very beneficial in rural areas where the Pen can substitute for the lack of teachers. Or the uneven ratio of teacher to student in classrooms. The Talking Pen will encourage more children to read independently. Beautiful and engaging illustrations in these story books keep children’s mind involved. Many parents have given positive feedback stating that a love for reading and learning has developed after their children were introduced to the fun-loving character Purple Turtle. Many learning videos are available on the YouTube channel https://bit.ly/3HWTxB9l through which children can learn phonetics and sounds. Learning the right phonetics and sounds will enable them to independently read any given literature.