5 Misconceptions about Homeschooling

The trend of homeschooling children is growing at an estimation of approx. 2% to 8% per annum over the past few years and is increased during and post COVID-19 pandemic. Is it really as harmful for kids or does it hamper their growth and brain development? Here are few misconceptions about homeschooling, which debunked & it will help parents in taking the right forward

  1. Homeschooling limits learning Skills: - Children love to learn and explore new things, no one can stop them from that as one has to try very hard to take that away from kids. In fact, it is in their genes to learn and to adapt ne things. Studies also show that homeschooling offers flexible time schedules for kids to 'exploring' different aspects of life including personality development, social conduct and various other skills apart from their regular study. Homeschooling gives kids a chance to analyze & evaluate their fascinations and discover their passions.
  1. Only Educated & well qualified parents can do good in home schooling: - Children learn and grab new things as per their own ability, neither parents’ qualification nor household income has any influence on the child’s academic achievements, it is totally dependent on child that how easily and conveniently he/she adapt new things. You need not be a certified teacher to home school your child. You just have to just check and make sure his/her field of interest and help in exploring new things.
  1. Home schooling is quite boring: - Home Schooling is not at all boring, it can be life-altering, for parents and child both. It is a big responsibility. You get a chance to relive your life while helping them discover theirs. The road is full of fun challenges, enlightening experiences, and adventure. It is you and the kid taking on the world & in adapting new skills and technologies altogether.
  1. Home Schooled Kids are weaker in Academics: - It is not at all true as one of the prominent reason to opt for home schooling is it gives tailored teaching experience for your child with lots of hands-on activities that help your child go extra mile and make learning more helpful and easier.
  1. Real Learning experience is challenging or difficult for kid: - Home-educated children go on to do some amazing work. The 'real world & real life experiences' is just as bright for them like it is for everyone else or like other non-home schooled kids. Now a days Colleges are increasingly welcoming home schooled students, as they stand out among others with their own real life experiences. And their involvement in social activities and community causes is profound.
  1. It is not like home schooling is a lonely road where your kid is walking lonely, there are tons of other parents who are homeschooling their kids for their betterment & growth. They all help each other via online groups and forums, regular meetups, and co-op activities like museum visits, zoo trips, seminars etc. Home-educated children do well on all measures of social skills, emotional intelligence, and psychological well-being. The choice between homeschooling and traditional schooling is highly subjective. There is no one who understand kids better than a parent. You give them the best they deserve, and they shine above all odds.